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Mentor Profile image of Marian Esiape

Marian Esiape

With nearly two decades of experience in HR and three years in humanitarian work, my career has been a fusion of guiding individuals and serving noble…

Mentor Profile Reagan Basil Akowuah image of Basil Akowuah

Reagan Basil Akowuah

My professional background is rooted in entrepreneurship, business management, and mentorship. With nearly a decade of experience, I have successfully…

Mentor Profile Janet Chipo Phiri – Zulu image of Janet Chipo Phiri Zulu

Janet Chipo Phiri – Zulu

I am a seasoned business leader with 15 years’ experience and I would like to share the knowledge and experience I have acquired by mentoring startup …

Mentor Profile Benjamin Nii Kpani Addy image of Niikpani

Benjamin Nii Kpani Addy

Hello my Name is Nii Kpani. I am a C-Suite Executive with a background in Economics, Banking, Chartered Management Accountancy, Business Development …

Mentor Profile image of Happiness Akabuike

Happiness Akabuike

I’m drawn to mentoring because it’s immensely gratifying to guide others along their journey of growth and development. Witnessing the transformation …

Mentor Profile image of Irene Ampomaa Ohene

Irene Ampomaa Ohene

Irene Ampomaa Ohene is a Human Resource Consultant and the Managing Director of SKAIK Consulting. I am passionate about mentoring startups because I b…

Mentor Profile image of Thecla Wricketts

Thecla Wricketts

I am a corporate legal practitioner with almost a decade of experience in law, business, finance, tax and compliance. I am also a legal entrepreneur, …

Mentor Profile Said Mohamed Khamis image of Saidmkhamis

Said Mohamed Khamis

I am a PhD holder in entrepreneurship, development and diplomacy. I am interested in mentoring to share knowledge and empower others. My focus areas i…

Mentor Profile image of Amin Yahaya

Amin Yahaya

I am a dedicated organizational development (OD) professional with a passion for empowering businesses and organizations to achieve their full potenti…

Mentor Profile Yassine Maghnouj image of Yassine

Yassine Maghnouj

I’m a business professional with over a decade of diverse experience in strategic management and project leadership, particularly in technology and th…

Mentor Profile image of Baseerat Abdulsalami

Baseerat Abdulsalami

Impact the society by growing the minds of women tech enthusiast to grow their talents into creative technology experts. We do not have much women in…

Mentor Profile Ofor Ogechi image of Oforogechi

Ofor Ogechi

As a woman in tech, I would have found it helpful to have: – A mentor who understood my challenges and offered guidance – Networking opportunities…

Mentor Profile Ahmed (Ben Zayed) AW image of Ahmed Ben Zayed Aw

Ahmed (Ben Zayed) AW

Product leader with over 10 years of experience envisioning and launching innovative products from ideation to delivery. I have a proven track record …

Mentor Profile image of Mustafa Sharif

Mustafa Sharif

I am an International Development & Youth Development Specialist with passion for youth engagement, leadership, social and business innovation, li…

Mentor Profile image of Maxline Chelsy Sey

Maxline Chelsy Sey

As a Broadcast Journalist and an entrepreneur, my daily engagement with people especially the young ones indicate the gap we have in terms of mentorsh…

Mentor Profile Laura Minde image of Lauraminde

Laura Minde

With over 8 years of experience as a sales and marketing professional and an additional 8 years as an entrepreneur running my own business, Outstandin…

Mentor Profile image of Elijah Bagnabu

Elijah Bagnabu

A dedicated Sales & Marketing professional with over 8 years of experience in Business Strategy, Marketing, Customer Service and Revenue Managemen…

Mentor Profile image of Batae Julius

Batae Julius

I am Batae Enow, an innovation and disruptive Entrepreneur with startup experience for over 10 years.being the President and CEO of a company, I under…