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Mentor Profile Adel HEDHILI image of Adel Hedhili


Hi, my name is Adel, a passionate Digital Enthusiast and Entrepreneur with a particular focus on Africa. I am the founder of Tunov Consulting and an e…

Mentor Profile image of Rene Parker

Rene Parker

I am a social impact entrepreneur with extensive experience in building social ventures at scale. I have played a leading role in transforming RLabs i…

Mentor Profile Haaris D. Sa’ad image of Haaris D Saad

Haaris D. Sa’ad

Haaris D. Sa’ad (FIMC, AIBD, NBDSP) is a Nigerian/Ghanaian consultant, communicator, community builder, and entrepreneur. With over fifteen years of e…

Mentor Profile image of Asmaa Gamal

Asmaa Gamal

A passionate advocate for creating lasting impact through building and empowering Entrepreneurial Ecosystems rising in Emerging Markets. With an unwav…

Mentor Profile image of Nermeen Marzouk

Nermeen Marzouk

It gives me great pleasure to apply to the VC4A as a mentor. Having spent most of my career working with startups and supporting startups in differen…

Mentor Profile image of Rana Mohsen

Rana Mohsen

I was graduated from the College of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing. I gained expertise through various roles within corporate entities and agencies, …

Mentor Profile image of Sekayi Fundafunda

Sekayi Fundafunda

Change leader dedicated to developing the African continent through sustainable innovation. Background in Economics and Finance, Innovation Strategy …

Mentor Profile Douglas Israel Boateng image of Douglas Boateng

Douglas Israel Boateng

I am Douglas Israel Boateng, a dynamic professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Marketing option, and a Diploma in Project Ma…

Mentor Profile Belen Vallejos image of Belen Vallejos Calderon

Belen Vallejos

l compromiso con la economía naranja, la sostenibilidad y la gobernanza refleja una mentalidad colaborativa y de apoyo, elementos esenciales en el pap…

Mentor Profile image of Assem Omar

Assem Omar

I am deeply interested in mentoring as it aligns with my passion for fostering innovation, guiding emerging talents, and contributing to the growth of…

Mentor Profile Mavis Badu-Gyamfi image of Mavis Badu

Mavis Badu-Gyamfi

As an Agile Coach and Consultant, I have experienced various AHA moments while helping Individuals, IT and Non-IT businesses and Teams to implement Ag…

Mentor Profile image of Mina Kerols

Mina Kerols

Mina Kerols have +7 experience in venture building, startups incubation, Business development, Market Analysis. worked as a visiting lecturer at multi…

Mentor Profile Dany Quispe image of Dany Daniel Quispe Quispe

Dany Quispe

I am interested in mentoring because I want to share my experience and knowledge in areas that I consider crucial. My experience in analysis and selec…

Mentor Profile image of Cheikh Loum

Cheikh Loum

Je suis un agronome, entrepreneur, conférencier, coach et mentor en affaires internationales. Je travaille avec des petites et moyennes entreprises, d…

Mentor Profile Mohamed Omar Ismail image of Mohamed Omer Ismail

Mohamed Omar Ismail

I am interested in mentoring because I believe in the power of education, guidance, and support in fostering personal and professional growth. I am he…

Mentor Profile Farah Abdilahi Mohamed image of Farah Abdilahi

Farah Abdilahi Mohamed

Sharing knowledge and expertise: Mentoring allows experienced individuals to share their knowledge, insights, and expertise with aspiring entrepreneur…

Mentor Profile image of Seyi Oke

Seyi Oke

I have helped businesses in Western Africa with sales and marketing strategies that generated revenue of over $ 7 million in the last 3 years. With o…

Mentor Profile image of Ilyaas Muhomed

Ilyaas Muhomed

My name Ilyaas Muhomed Abaqaal. I am an authentic leader, empathic and skilled strategic development and innovation solution. I have detailed and ambi…